On Airport Parking vs Off Airport Parking

Traditionally, people think of one logical option when they require parking before a holiday or business flight. Parking onsite at the airport. But there is a widely available second option, that typically provides a high level of additional services at very competitive prices. Off Airport Parking.

Broadly, the differences between on airport parking and off airport parking (sometimes called “park and ride”) are largely in the name.

  • On Airport Parking means to park at the airport. Either in the at-terminal car park which typically looks much like an inner city car park, or in the long term parking area where a shuttle bus will often be available to transfer you to your terminal.
  • Off Airport Parking means to park at a private business within close proximity of your airport and receive a transfer service to the airport. Many of these off-airport parking providers are valet parking services, where you leave your keys and can have cleaning and servicing completed on your car while you travel.

On Airport Parking is very convenient, and typically you will pay a premium for that convenience. Off airport parking providers are typically a little cheaper to compensate for the additional time this service may (but not always) require and can provide those extra options such as car cleaning and mechanical services.

If you haven’t tried an off-airport parking provider, maybe you should?

Posted: 11/08/2021
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